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17 year
Is there any way to make the LOAD function just load a specific program without stopping and displaying the whole load menu?

I'm trying to first run a yellow COG program then after an event load a blue COG program and after an event return to the yellow. It always displays the load menu even though when I look at the file it shows the complete path and name to the file to load.

Using Win XP Media Centre.

Load Module Fixed
17 year
Hi Tom,

Thanks for your note. That action was an annoying bug that prevented the load module from working correctly. This has been fixed and uploaded. Please download RoboRealm again and try the load module again.

17 year
Thanks for that but...
It loads automatically now but it seems to render any Timer settings useless. In the following test program it runs at once every 20 secs just fine until I add the Load module and then it just flies through at warp speed. What I'm trying to do is: first run say yellow detect program, display and send out serially the yellow COG values  and wait say 20 seconds and then load blue detect program, display and send out serially the blue COG values and wait say 20 seconds and then load yellow detect program again. A continuous loop. Everything else works fine but as soon as I add the LOAD module it ignores the timing and just goes full speed ahead. I tried placing the Timer part in different places and multiple times but it doesn't make any difference. The Blue program is identical except for the colour to detect.

Program example:
Timer Module Updated
17 year

There was an issue with the timer module that has been corrected. Please download RoboRealm again and try the robo program that you included in your last post. This should work when you load the .robo program but you may still notice issues if you add in the load module and the timer accidentally runs while you are working on the load module. To prevent the program from switching out while you are working on it just toggle the 'Run' button which will stop execution and allow you to correctly configure the load program module before running the program.

Interesting use of the timer and load program module. Others have used the If statement to hop around two RGBFilters configured to different colors based on a variable created ... but this works too!


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