Roborealm setup - VBscript placement
Michael from Canada  [9 posts]
17 year
Hello STeven:

I now have an ADS Video Express video to digital convertor. I have successfully connected and receive video data from the camera. I am currently following through the tutorail. My first problem is with the blob size filter. For me the values are jumping all over the place on the screen. Can you have a look and let me know what I should change? My next problem is that I have placed the Lego_NXT control app into my program area. When I double click on it I get the filter/control app to appear. I can assign variables to the motors and the Ultrasonic sensor and control my robot. I do not know what is controlling the robot from this point on. How do I assign the VBscript? I have found your sample *.robo program script. I will play with this for awhile.

Thank you for all your help.
Anonymous 17 year

You probably need to alter the Blob Filter to include a threshold and allow for more objects to be passed through. To do this

1. Increase the 1 in the blob filter to say 100
2. Click on Show Weights
3. Adjust the threshold greater than 0 to some value that excludes most of the wrong objects.
4. Click on Show Weights again to hide the text.

To answer your second question: chose a variable that would be created from the VBScript in one of the dropdowns associated with the motors or a variable that will contain the value from a particular sensor. RoboRealm communicates between each module using variables. Some modules use variables, and some create them. Using the VBScript you can alter/remap/etc the variable in prep for other modules.

Let us know if you have any additional questions.


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