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Dr. Bruce from United States  [5 posts]
17 year
Can RR do motion detection?

I've been using RR for several weeks - it's awesome!  I'm now trying out this forum for the first time (I'm new to forums).  So I'm posting this question not only because I'm interested in knowing, but also because I want to see how forums work - thank you all for bearing with me!

Dr. Bruce.
Anonymous 17 year
Hi Dr. Bruce,

Yup. Check under the "Other" subtree (last one in the list) and you'll see a Movement module.

The best way to use that module is to use the previous 5 frames as the background image (this reduces pixel noise) and use the "percent" comparison to check if the current pixel is different from the background image.

Note that if the camera is also moving this technique will not work. To remedy that issue ... you guessed it ... you will need the pending image stabilization module that a couple people are eagerly waiting on! This would allow you to globally stabilize the image prior to subtracting the background which "should" show you localized movement separate from the camera movement. It may also be possible to use optical flow to estimate localized movement ... but that's for another day.


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