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Hi Steven,

I know that it might be a bit much to ask, but is there a way of using RR on Pocket PCs. When I poot it onto my 'Windows Mobile' based Pocket PC, it starts opeing the RR program and then after a short while says that it is not a valid Pocket PC program.

Is it possible to tweek it a bit so that it can run on pocket PCs?

Absolute Regards,
Anonymous 17 year

Unfortunately RoboRealm uses a lot of the directX and win32 routines to perform its various tasks/modules. While we have never tried RR on the Pocket PC we doubt it will work ( as your experiment has showed ) and also believe that getting RR to work on the Pocket PC would require a substantial rewrite of the application to support the Pocket PC or Windows CE for that matter. In addition, most of the UI components assume a screen size of at least 800 by 600 which would crop most of the interface elements if ever run on the smaller screen sizes. (Not to mention the Pocket PC's or Window CE devices would probably not have enough CPU capability to do much processing with images)

What may be possible is to write a transmitter on your Pocket PC that would send images/etc over a wireless network to a desktop running RoboRealm using the RoboRealm API. While not ideal this would provide a way to do image processing in that environment and have the CPU power to back it up.

from Australia  [87 posts] 17 year
Hi Steven,

Thanks alot for the advice. I like the idea of running a 'transmitter' program from the PocketPC to the desktop PC. I might give that a try one day.


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