Compatible with Boe-Bot?
17 year
I am a day 1 newbie. I am interested in purchasing a beginner bot, most likely the Boe from Parellax.

My question is, will I be able to use your software to program my Boe bot?

I see that you use VBScript, and the Boe Bot uses some variant of Basic.


John T.
Anonymous 17 year

Yes, you can use the BoeBot module within RoboRealm to communicate with the BoeBot. Note that you will also need to purchase the wireless communication package from Parallax in order for this to work. It is called the eb500. This provides bluetooth communication between a PC (where RoboRealm is running) and the BoeBot (where the Basic Stamp is running). There is a program to download to the BoeBot that will understand the commands sent over the wireless link to it from the PC. This is the same program you would use to have the MSRS system communicate to the BoeBot and is available from both the BoeBot module page or from the Parallax page.

Good luck!

Anonymous 17 year
Thanks for the quick reply.

My main interest is to learn some basics about robotics with visual capabilities. I hope I have chosen the best learning track for myself: BoeBot + RoboRealm.

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