Flicker images
17 year
Anyone have a solution for the Flicker module. It appears that if you keep your target fixed in one place over a period of time the flicker will hold the image, even if you move the camera. The image will remain in place like if you burned the image into RoboRealm.

I gave two images to demonstrate the issue. The original image and the camera moved .
Anonymous 17 year
Yes, that is the way it is supposed to work ... if you want to avoid too much burn in you need to reduce the number of frames the module will remember. As this value is decreased updates will happen quicker .. but that also means more noise will be present. The higher the frames the less noise will affect the system but the slower the updates will happen.

Perhaps you are looking for a different effect?

Anonymous 17 year
The settings are at 2 frames. The problem is that it will lock in the image indefinably until I mess with the settings for the flicker or restart RR. The second image I have there is around 30 minuets later and the original image is still there. It seems more like a bug than what flicker is supposed to do.

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