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Web Server - Ip Addresses [2]
I'm wondering if it is possible to display information about the connections to the web server.  IP Address, Duration...
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Go Pro [3]
GoPro cameras do not, to my knowledge, support streaming over USB or WiFi. In most cases (Kinect, a...
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Human Following [3]
The Tee-Shirt idea is a good start.  You can make use of fiducials printed on the tee shirt to give the robot cues.&nb...
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Color/texture matching [2]
Given the number of variations that are possible, this type of inspection needs to be able to "learn" wht is good and what is ...
10 year 4 2010
Automated archery scoring [13]
Since the solution I provided give the coordinates of the tip, one possibility would be to create a look up table of the image, ...
9 year 14 2687
Automated archery scoring [10]
Here is a more complete solution.  Now it attempts to locate the tip of the arrow, where it enters the target....
9 year 14 2687
Automated archery scoring [6]
This will get you a bit farther along. Essentially, you need to figure where the tip of the arrow i...
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Automated archery scoring [4]
If you have trouble seeing the arrow in the black ring area, you can try removing the IR filter of you camera, if it can be done...
9 year 14 2687
Automated archery scoring [3]
The key to success in this type of application is to make sure the subject, camera, and illumination remain fixed during the acq...
9 year 14 2687
Basler Camera II [6]
Pete, Do you have a utility from Basler that you can use to configure the camera?  If so,...
9 year 17 4943
Basler Camera II [14]
Hi Pete, If you cannot disable the firewall on the Windows 7 machine (I'm assuming you were able t...
9 year 17 4943

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