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program expires with payment made
Hello I downloaded Roborealm the 18th of November and payed at the same time the license with PayPal. The money went out of my b...
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moving dancer [6]
1. I can't find a link to download/purchase and install the Plug-In.  The above link points to a page with a lot of e...
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moving dancer [3]
I can't find the AVM navigator. Thanks Martin...
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moving dancer
Hello. Id like to capture a dancer in a space of 12m*12m. The camera is mounted in 5m height in the middle of the ...
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merge variables
Hello I need to merge two 8 bit values to a 16 bit value. The line> COG_X_10 = Lo | Hi<<8 gives an error....
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UBUNTU oneiric no image [2]
Hello, I installed RoboRealm 2.44.2 with wine on my UBUNTU 11.10 oneiric. The prroblem is that RoboRealms screen k...
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