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robot control using controller with 1 analog stick [2]
i need help trying to control a robot with a controller that has only 1 analog stick, if the controller is pushed to the right t...
14 year 2 4858
interfacing ps3 controller with rr [2]
the joystick module detects the playstation3 controller but when i move the d-pad or any of the analog sticks nothing happens th...
14 year 2 2336
interfacing vbscript with serial [2]
hi im trying to send variables for the joystick controls via serial to a board but i dont want to use the original variable for ...
14 year 2 1893
datel retro wireless interface [2]
trying to interface a datel retro wireless joystick with rr but nothing happens when i move the d-pad or press any of the button...
14 year 2 3498

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