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The Split Image module breaks a single large image into sub images and presents each of those smaller images into the pipeline one at a time. This allows you to break an image into rows and coloums and process each part of the image as if it were a single image presented into the pipeline. This is very useful in those cases where processing a cropped part of the image is desired but the cropped area needs to move through the image in known increments.

This is often required in applications that present a tray of samples that need to be invdividually tested. Note that because a single image can become many additional individual images the frames per second recorded by RoboRealm will increase by how many sub images the single image is split into.



1. Split Rows/Cols - Specify how many rows and columns you want to split the current image into.

2. X/Y Offset - Sometimes the image isn't aligned to structured splitting along rows and columns. The Offsets allow you to move the image to be better aligned with the break lines.

3. Set to Block - For review purposes, it is often required to stabalize on one part of the image to adjust parameters. Setting the Block ID will cause the module to only return the specified sub image block. This is useful when cycling quickly through all blocks is not desired. Note, setting this to 0 will cause the module to cycle through all blocks as expected.

4. Label Image Number - To better indicate what sub image block you are currently looking at this checkbox will annotate the block ID in red in the upper left corner of the image. Note that this is done as an annotation which will not affect further processing of image data (i.e. it floats above the pixel data).


SPLIT_IMAGE_ID - the current block ID of the sub image (increases from left to right,
	top to bottom)
SPLIT_IMAGE_ROW - the current block row of the sub image
SPLIT_IMAGE_COL - the current block column of the sub image
SPLIT_IMAGE_X_START - the start x coordinate of the sub image within the single source image
SPLIT_IMAGE_Y_START - the start y coordinate of the sub image within the single source image
SPLIT_IMAGE_X_END - the end x coordinate of the sub image within the single source image
SPLIT_IMAGE_Y_END - the end y coordinate of the sub image within the single source image


split_image - creates a marked image (in-memory saved image) of the current sub image block.
Because the 'Source' image will remain as the single large image, this marked image can be
used instead of the 'Source' image to refer to the raw image data in successive modules
that allow for image usage.

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