Scale Variable

The scale variable module provides a quick and easy way to convert a single variable from one range to another. This is frequently needed when associating variable values from an input device to an output device that do not share the same value range. For example, the joystick module produces values that range from -1000 to 1000 and but most servo controllers use a range from 0 to 255. You can use this module to convert between the two ranges by specifying the two ranges.



1. Source Variable - The variable that contains the value you want to convert. (Most likely JOY_X in the example above.)

2. Min/Max Value - The expected minimum and maximum value the variable will range between. In the above example this would be -1000 and 1000 respectively. 3. Destination Variable - Where you want the result placed. Note this can be the same variable as the source variable. 4. Min/Max Value - The destination range that you want to convert the value into. In the above example that would be 0 and 255.


The formula used to perform the conversion is

source_range = source_max - source_min

destination_range = destination_max - destination_min

destination = (((source - source_min) * destination_range)
              / source_range) + destination_min;


 Click Here to download a robofile that shows how to use the Scale Variable module inbetween a joystick and SSC module.

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