The Call module provides a way to call a tab from another tab as if it were a function call. This allows you utilize tab pipelines as functions/subroutines that can be executed from another tab (presumably the Main tab).



1. Tab Name - Specify the tab name that should be called. Execution of the pipeline will pause in the current tab, call the specified tab, execute its contents and resume automatically from the calling point.

2. Use Image - Specify what image the called tab should use for processing. If Current is specified then the tab will receive the current image at the point in the pipeline that the call is executed. If Source is used, the called tab will execute against the original image that was captured.

3. Restore Current Image on Return - Select if you do NOT want the image changes in the called tab to visible. This selection will store the current image as a CALL_XX_RESTORE marker where XX is the name of the tab. This marker is then used to restore the image after the call to the tab.

Tabs other than the Main tab are executed when:

  1. You are currently in that tab (i.e. that tab is selected)
  2. You've set it to executing using the tab properties (white button on the right of the tabs).
  3. You are calling it from another tab using this Call module.

Note that to change which tab is called used [my_variable] in the Tab Name and set the variable my_variable to the name of the tab you want to run.


 Click Here to download an example that calls the Red tab from the Main tab.

 Click Here to download an example that calls the a tab based on which button you press.

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