Blob Overlap

The blob overlap module is used to filter existing blobs by their overlaping of other blobs. This module allows seperately processed images to be merged together and combine their filtering results.



1. Source - The image which to filter

2. Overlap - The image used to determine which blobs overlap both images

3. Invert - Remove blobs that overlap instead of those that do not.


The following  robofile is used to isolate the star in the following image. The identification process uses the brightness of the star and the fact that it is next to a red and black object (i.e. the color to either side of the star). The red and black areas are detected and dialted (grown) in order to force them to overlap into the space the star occupies. By using the overlapping of the three areas (white area, red area and dark area) we can isolate the star since it has all these properties.

SourceBlob Overlap

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