lego rcx 1.0 ir tower
k from United States  [1 posts]
9 years
i have the lego mindstorm rcx 1.0 but i cant program it because i have the lego mindstorm 2.0 ir tower is there any way i can i can an use the 2.0 ir tower with the 1.0 rcx lego mindstorm brick

Steven Gentner from United States  [1442 posts] 9 years
Not sure, I assume you've tried and had it fail?

The last time we dealt with the RCX (quite a while ago) we had to place the RCX and the tower in a closed box environment in order to get the communication/programming to upload. It seemed to be very sensitive to outside IR interference which can be plenty at home with all the IR remotes and devices.

Otherwise, you'll have to upgade to something that can communicate. Perhaps you can find older RCX stuff on ebay or craigslist?


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