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Virtual camera shows only Roborealm logo
I'm trying to use the RR Virtual cameras. After installing the drivers, I tried to display an image through the Vcam to test it....
7 years 12 1938
Using variables in Colorize module
Is it possible to use a variable in the value field of the Colorize module? Thanks....
7 years 2 1756
Tracking people by clothing
Am experimenting with tracking people by clothing. This seems fairly simple if the person is wearing something with solid bright...
6 years 3 2692
SHAPES array
When using the Shape matching module, is it possible to access the variables stored in the array with modules other than the VBS...
7 years 2 1451
Limit on images in object recognition module
I'm attempting to use the object recognition module for face tracking, training faces in different poses. This will take quite a...
7 years 3 2037
Keyboard Shortcuts
I find some of the RR keyboard shortcuts on the main interface quite useful, but to me there appears to be a conflict. Pressing ...
7 years 2 1367
How to launch second simultaneous instance of RR?
I have two RR files, A and B. I wish to run A, and use the Execute Program module from within RR to launch robofile B. I want B ...
7 years 5 1848
Virtual camera shows only Roborealm logo [6]
My Virtual Camera tab looks like yours in the screenshot, and also AMCap shows the multiple virtual cameras available to connect...
7 years 12 1938
Virtual camera shows only Roborealm logo [9]
Apologies for using an old version to provide an example of a problem with the current version - very confusing indeed! I have d...
7 years 12 1938
How to launch second simultaneous instance of RR? [3]
STeven, I would like to program robofile A to feed the pipeline with a video stream, perhaps using ...
7 years 5 1848
Tracking people by clothing [3]
I don't use a camera; I'm using footage from old movies in my project, so of course it is all pretty much a frontal view. I just...
6 years 3 2692
Virtual camera shows only Roborealm logo [3]
My OS is  Windows 8 64 bit. I've done all of the above as far as I know, except I don't know how to make sure I have 6...
7 years 12 1938

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