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Generic HID device control from RoboRealm (plus wiimote) [6]
U dont need a wii to test it just a wiimote 30 / 40 € This site whave plenty of info ...
12 year 9 13015
Generic HID device control from RoboRealm (plus wiimote) [4]
Both keypreesse and as a joystick, for the joystick i have other software that i need to have running but atm im not at work so ...
12 year 9 13015
Generic HID device control from RoboRealm (plus wiimote) [2]
thats a great idea i use the wiimote to but to interface it whit the roboreal i must use "glovepie" to get the keys and axys. ...
12 year 9 13015
Windows XP Embedded SP2 [2]
Im doing the same bur whit a Creative Live Motion :) and im using a nano-itx. http://www.via.com.tw/en/initiatives...
16 year 10 8464
Windows XP Embedded SP2 [8]
Sorry i made a mistake on the pictures here they are: PX-1000g ...
16 year 10 8464
Windows XP Embedded SP2 [7]
OK this wiil be a long post. 1. Roboreal can run in XPe just dont take off any necessary component....
16 year 10 8464
Windows XP Embedded SP2 [4]
Sorry for all the confusion, my board is the pico-itx but i call it a nano because its one of a kind, its the only pico (100mm x...
16 year 10 8464
Minimum requirements
Hi all, im planing on using a mini-itx board do use roborealm to make a rover. http://www.via.com.t...
16 year 2 4242
Framerate issues while object tracking [2]
I have the same board (1GB DDR2 677mhz) and have suffer the same problem, but not that low FPS 10 -17. Most likely...
14 year 36 3881
overlay bmp [2]
I look for it but apparently there is no way to overlay a image (bmp, jpg, marker) in a set XY from a variable (like a cog/blob ...
14 year 3 3609
Omnivision and Visual Odometry [3]
Could you put the images that you had and the robofile i can test it on my one?...
15 year 3 2924
A tip to using GPU to increase FPS [2]
Hi all, after some time spend on learning how to use my Nvidia GPU for cranking passwords and help whit ...
14 year 2 2886
Creative Motion Smooth track
I just buy a Creative Live Motion and start to use it in roborealm. My 1st surprise is that it just...
14 year 5 2538
Creative Motion Smooth track [4]
When you plug the camera it centers it self so you know  what values you have when you move it, but if you force left ...
14 year 5 2538
Using Web Interface in Windows Mobile
HI all, again :D I'm trying to use WebInterface on my PDA running windows mobile 5.0
15 year 3 2533
Using Web Interface in Windows Mobile [3]
I have search in java.com and in act there ate java support for PDA and windows mobile, but it must be pre-installed from factor...
15 year 3 2533
RR and GPS [2]
Atm don't have, but if u really want u can do the same as me, make a program in one of the several API language to get the data...
16 year 8 2527
RR and GPS [5]
Bu-323 is one of the best usb gps avaiable and a cheaper tho, have a magnetic base and a very good gps sensor.
16 year 8 2527
Roborealm and robosapien [2]
U can paint, or put a 2 LED on the shoulders (or hand's) whit 2 different colors (like airplains or boats) and get the directio...
16 year 3 2525
wireless usb launcher [2]
In theory u can use any RF signal to transmit any data, but the RF signal use on wireless usb launcher don't have velocity to s...
16 year 2 2383

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