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Steven Gentner from United States 2 months

Thanks for your robofile. Ignore my earlier post as you are already using the Camera module twice which will trigger the pipeline to run regardless.

I added a Watch module and checked that the SCRIPT_COUNT is indeed incrementing after the End_Split_Image module so that does seem like it is working.

Perhaps your pipeline is running very slow? Check the little gray numbers on the right side of the pipeline to see if there is a module that has a much larger number than the other modules. I suspect that the Object Recognition module is most likely the cause to be slowing down the pipeline so much that it appears not to be running.

Can you also double check the FPS number seen at the bottom of the RR GUI? What rate are you getting? Again, this can confirm that something is very slow in the pipeline.

If the Object Recognition is the cause, can you post a couple sample images so we can better understand the issue? Often, decreasing the size of the template training images can really help to speed up the match with no reduction in accuracy.


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