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Steven Gentner from United States 3 days

As mentioned in my previous post, you are trying to get the module to do something it was NOT built to do. The module will accept several images and take quite a while (i.e. seconds) to train on those images. Even loading and saving the training file is SLOW. So switching to different images on each pipeline iteration will NOT work. The system will slow down too much to be effective.

Instead, you need to better understand what qualities about your images make them different. I.e. if you are switching to different images each pipeline iteration what you are doing is NOT identification BUT verification. That is a different process since you know what image you are expecting and just want to verify that in fact the object is in view.

Have you looked at the Image Match module? That is built to be trained on hundreds of images and return back the one most similar. It uses a VERY different technique than the OR module does and thus is much faster.

The other way is to compare images directly. I.e. load in the image you expect to see using Load Image. Use the Math module to remove known bits and then check to see how much "different" stuff remains in order to quantify the quality of the match. We often use this simple and effective technique for many verification tasks ... note we've NEVER used the OR module in any industrial application to date! Its normally overkill for most tasks.


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