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Steven Gentner from United States 3 years

You need to read back in the array variable each time ... while I realize the arrays appear to keep their values the actual values in them is random. You should assume nothing is initialized each time the VBScript runs (unless you use the Sleep, WaitImage, etc. functions). Instead of your script, try the following:

XTarget = GetArrayVariable("XTarget")
YTarget = GetArrayVariable("YTarget")

if not isArray(XTarget) or ubound(XTarget) <20 then ReDim XTarget(20)
if not isArray(YTarget) or ubound(YTarget) <20 then ReDim YTarget(20)

Number = GetVariable("my_Number")

XTarget(Number) = GetFloatVariable("IMAGE_COUNT")
YTarget(Number) = GetFloatVariable("IMAGE_COUNT")+1
SetArrayVariable "XTarget", XTarget
SetArrayVariable "YTarget", YTarget

Number = Number + 1
if Number >= 20 then Number = 0

SetVariable "my_Number", Number


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