neural networks
11 years
Title: Hand Written Text Recognition System for Visually Impaired

Objective: To recognize hand written capital letter English character from a text line and produce the corresponding Speech Output to enable blind persons to read (listen) hand written notes.

  Description: A multi-layer neural network is used to recognize the hand written English characters. The net is trained with 10 sets of hand written English alphabets. The process involves (a) boundary detection, (b) thinning, (c) normalizing to 8x8 size (d) inputting to a multi-layer neural network and calculating the output value (e) selecting the best and converting to ASCII value (f) outputting pre-recorded speech corresponding the ASCII values.

is this possible using ROborealm.. if yes
how can we implemnt beural networks in roobrealm..
Anonymous 11 years
No, this is not currently possible in RoboRealm. We do have plans to incorporate a generic neural net based recognition system within RR but that will not be added for many months. We are, however, working on an OCR specific module (not necessarily using NN) which should be out in a couple weeks.


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