11 years
i am new to RR , i hav 2 questions..
1> whr can i lern basic VBscript i dnt knw it...
2>hw can insert VBscript into the program.. i mean we can add modules bt hw to add VBscript.....

hlp me out!!!!
Anonymous 11 years

1. Try searching for VBScript tutorials (on google or other search engine) and I'm sure you will come up with much information. Also, download the VBScript manual from Microsoft which will be some help. You can also browse some of our tutorials to see more examples. You don't need to know ALL of VBScript to use it within RR.

2. Insert the Extensions->VBScript_PRogram into the pipeline, double click or edit it, and start typing. Again, have a look at the tutorials for some examples.


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