Two Logic Orbit work at the same time.
HsiaoYu from Taiwan  [1 posts]
12 years

I'm a new user of roborealm. Now I use roborealm API to control a logic orbit to do face tracking on VC++ program. It's good and work very well. But now I need two Logic Orbits work at the same time(not switching). How should I do?

Anonymous 12 years

At this point you cannot as the Orbit/Sphere module expects only one Orbit/Sphere camera to be connected and will grab the first one it encounters.

What is your project that requires two cameras? If it is stereo are you sure that the logitech cameras will move in sync enough to grab a good image? Normally one mounts two cameras together statically and then move them together.

If we get a better idea of what you are trying to do we can probably add something that will make it work.

Anonymous 12 years
it sounds like a good project.. could u give us a few more details

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