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Keboard Module Bug?
It seems that there might be a bug with the Keyboard module. Three combinations of keypresses are not setting vari...
10 years 8 1748
Fixed! [8]
Thanks, Steven and Pete for the tips! I'll have to remember that cache tip for when I'm on the college computers...
10 years 8 1748
Still Buggy [4]
I'm afraid that it's still buggy, for me. :( I downloaded version 1.7 (the new vers...
10 years 8 1748
COM not found
I'm using my laptop's wireless card to AD-HOC to a WiPort on my robot. Rather than implimenting TCP/IP directly,...
10 years 4 1665
Thank you [3]
Thanks for the help, Steven. My OS is Windows XP Professional. I'm st...
10 years 4 1665

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