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Sabertooth Module and RoboRealm API [5]
We will use Vision Odometry and visual obstacle avoidance. I believe RoboRealm has both of these algorithms? How accurate are th...
10 years 8 1463
Sabertooth Module and RoboRealm API [7]
I changed the code and I get back true.     result = rr.setVariable("left_motor", "29"); ...
10 years 8 1463
RR and GPS [4]
STeven, Our group is new to GPS devices. We are currently looking a few models on Sparkfun though:...
10 years 8 1326
RR and GPS [6]
Gumstix has a GPSstix http://gumstix...
10 years 8 1326
FT232RL USB to Serial [2]
Oh forgot to mention that i"m using Windows Vista. http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm There a...
10 years 10 3576
FT232RL USB to Serial [3]
Could it be that I'm using the wrong USB to Serial device ( ...
10 years 10 3576
FT232RL USB to Serial [5]
STeven, I don't have access to the old circuit using the new laptop unfortunately. It belonged to ...
10 years 10 3576
FT232RL USB to Serial [7]
STeven, I right clicked on RoboRealm and chose the option "Run as Administrator". No luck though....
10 years 10 3576
FT232RL USB to Serial [8]
STeven, I just tried the old laptop with Windows XP. Still no luck with it.. It seems like a hardwa...
10 years 10 3576
FT232RL USB to Serial [9]
Scott and I are working on this problem together in the evening. We discovered that the motor polarity was connected wrong such ...
10 years 10 3576
FT232RL USB to Serial [10]
Never mind, we had a problem with the DIP switches. We adjusted the dip switches to packetized modes on the Sabertooth.
10 years 10 3576
SLAM without encoders [3]
The pictures of the course are available online. It's the Penn State Mini Grand Challenge which you can google. The landmarks m...
9 years 5 1739
SLAM without encoders [5]
STeven, Thanks for the info and the link. Great to hear you are familiar with the competition.
9 years 5 1739
No Title
Scott found a possible bug. When we change the baud rate in the GUI for the Dimension Engineering Sabertooth you must first sele...
10 years 2 1422
FT232RL USB to Serial
I used to be able to control the motors with the RoboRealm DE_Sabertooth. Since then 2 things have changed. I changed the RS232 ...
10 years 10 3576
MSRS 2008 and RoboRealm [2]
Does RoboRealm work in MSRS 2008 yet? -Melanie...
9 years 2 982
RR and GPS
We were just wondering if RR API has a module for a commercial GPS? -Melanie...
10 years 8 1326
SLAM without encoders
We are working on a Java class called Motor_Util.java and the methods utilities we will need. The self-modified Pioneer does not...
9 years 5 1739
"Could not initialize on port COM6 speed 38400"
Scott and I are working with the Java API with DE_Sabertooth to turn a motor. For some reason when the API is executed it throws...
10 years 2 1521

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