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virtual webcam output
i was wondering if you could possibly implement a sort of software webcam, so that the final video is outputted into the virtual...
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virtual webcam output [15]
i was referring to vista in general......
11 years 21 7029
virtual webcam output [13]
i have vista home premium, but its a bit (allot) unstable (rubbish) at the moment (all the time) i ...
11 years 21 7029
system requirements [3]
oops, should have looked at the faq first what about minimus system reqiurements? wou...
12 years 4 6191
im yet to try it but i want to buy a bunch of cheat webcams off of ebuyer(.com) (6!!) and hook them upto a linux box for a secu...
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ports [3]
if your drivers are good then make sure you've got the right serial port selected. i may sound stupid but every time you plug a...
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vbs codeing
ive had a go at makeing a motion tracking turret (and the most dangerous thing that will ever be mounted on it is a soft airgun)...
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me too!! [2]
i know it would be difficult to do, but is there any way of useing sterio vision (mainly for range sencing) , i was thinking of ...
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fullscreen slowness [2]
when roborealm is put in fullscreen mode, the framerate drops to about 1fps. im currently working around this usin...
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