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RoboRealm Crash [3]
Yes... I send crash report.. I test three pc today.. But it still same result...
7 year 7 2094
RoboRealm Crash [5]
Did you get? I resend back the report ...
7 year 7 2094
RoboRealm Crash [7]
Yes.... It work. Thanks STeven. Regard, Azim. ...
7 year 7 2094
Background Removal [3]
thanks steven.. it working :)...
7 year 3 2160
Serial Communication Arduino Uno [3]
thanks for help, when i use the sparkfun_uno, the roborealm program start crash . it keep crash wh...
7 year 5 3554
Serial Communication Arduino Uno [5]
Thanks, im using the beta version roborealm (64bit). Now, im download new using 32bit version and no software crash happen again...
7 year 5 3554
Obstacle avoidance [3]
thanks steven, i got your concept by using the color_statistic and observe the mean_color_g.
7 year 6 2256
Obstacle avoidance [5]
Because the obstacles are place in random. My strategy is to determine the robot path by facing the block by counting ( counting...
7 year 6 2256
Background Removal
i wanted ignore the surrounding circular area of the mirror using circle module, but i can't to replace the circle blob to sourc...
7 year 3 2160
Obstacle avoidance
Hi, Im unable to solve this type obstacle avoidance; Kindly can you share the idea to make the rob...
7 year 6 2256
RoboRealm Crash
i wanted to change camera module but once i press the option button, the roborealm crashed i used 2...
7 year 7 2094
Serial Communication Arduino Uno
Hi, good days. im unable to perform serial communication to arduino. i attach robo file and arduino source code for your referen...
7 year 5 3554
Vb script to determine ball in region
I need help to determine ball position in 4 quadrant, which is quadrant 1 to quadrant 4 by using the line as  i attach...
7 year 2 2331

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