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Thanks for the Optical Flow module! [4]
Thanks STeven--don't know how I missed that!  Yes, that is exactly what I was looking for.  So I'll play w...
10 years 3 1188
saving optical flow result [3]
I think what you are looking for is the Write_AVI module under Loading/Saving.  Also, be sure to select a Quality othe...
10 years 2 1029
Matching omnidirectional images [4]
Hi STeven, Cool!  I never would have thought of using the Radial Distortion module. ...
10 years 3 1791
New way to 360 vision [3]
Hi Ricardo, In case you want to try a home made 360-degree vision system, this is the mirror I am u...
10 years 4 1353
New way to 360 vision [5]
Hi Ricardo, The truck mirror is only 8 inches or 20.3cm in diameter so it will fit within the width...
10 years 4 1353
Feature Request: Surface Plot row averages [4]
Hi STeven, This is perfect! I'm already putting it to good use. Many ...
10 years 3 1078
Bug in API getImage?  Missing top 4 pixel rows [3]
I just found a possible clue-- if I replace the getImage block above with: while (d == null)
10 years 5 1463
Putting it all together... [3]
Hi Billy, Sounds like a great project!  As it turns out, I am working on robot navigation...
10 years 4 1415
Bug in API getImage?  Missing top 4 pixel rows [5]
Hi STeven, Thanks for your reply.  It looks like the problem is just in the display of th...
10 years 5 1463
Omnivision and Visual Odometry [4]
Check out the images I posted on a previous thread at: ...
10 years 3 1839
Tracking a ball [4]
The biggest issue I have encountered when trying to track a fast moving object is keeping it in the field of view (FOV) of the c...
10 years 3 1217
Recommend a high speed camera [3]
Hello, If by high speed you mean high frame rate, I am using a Philips SPC 1300NC USB webcam which ...
10 years 4 1457
Read_HTTP and Linksys WVC54GCA IP camera [4]
Hi STeven, You guys rock!  I had tried that alternate form of the URL earlier without suc...
9 years 8 10345
RoboRealm + Rovio [4]
To keep the post size manageable, here are just the essential pieces of my code.  It would great if othe...
9 years 14 9684
Speed control for Rovio Module? [4]
Thanks STeven--this is great! --patrick ...
9 years 3 1000
Multiple RoboRealm Instances [3]
Hey Marco, Take a look at the Marker module (under the Other category) and the Set Variables &...
9 years 3 1209
Rovio Module dropping wifi signal [3]
Hi STeven, I upgraded to RR version and my wifi problems with Rovio went away!
8 years 13 5959
Rovio Module dropping wifi signal [5]
Hi STeven, OK, I spoke too soon.  The attached .robo file causes my Rovio to lose the wif...
8 years 13 5959
Read_HTTP and Linksys WVC54GCA IP camera [5]
Hi STeven, I'm back to playing with the Linksys WVC54GCA wireless IP  camera and the Rea...
9 years 8 10345
Read_HTTP and Linksys WVC54GCA IP camera [7]
Thanks profmason.  Unfortunately that did not fix my problem.  I also tried every possible speed, quality an...
9 years 8 10345

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