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Easy Vision Program [3]
Oh sorry, I forgot to add that I still need to be able to view video and pictures will this software is running. t...
9 years 18 2787
Easy Vision Program [2]
Is there an easy vision program to use that won't take up a lot of processor space? I need it to be able to run on a single cor...
9 years 18 2787
Easy Vision Program [18]
Okay....I tried the FPS thing but as soon as we started the program the FPS went down too 7.5 or 5. I have found that my friends...
9 years 18 2787
Easy Vision Program [16]
Here is the program. It is not fully perfected though, and the algorithm isn't in the program yet, but I don't think that shou...
9 years 18 2787
Easy Vision Program [14]
Thank you. If my camera has a slow FPS wil that slow down roborealm? I'm sorry that I can't post the program, my friend has th...
9 years 18 2787
Easy Vision Program [11]
Okay, thanks. So you think that roborealm should work on a slow-ish computer? Like how about a pentium 4, or a Dual Core? Thanks...
9 years 18 2787
Tracking Flying Objects [3]
I didn't make roborealm, but I have used it for a few years. It would be easy to track a colored airplane, and have roborealm m...
9 years 4 2204
obstacle avoidance [2]
I am trying to build a robot that will avoid obstacles on all terrain, but mostly in a house environment. I've tried all of the...
9 years 2 948
Email [4]
Can you please explain how i would go about doing this? I haven't really done much programing Than...
10 years 4 1126
Email [2]
What emails work with the email module? I know gmail, and hotmail won't work, or anything else that uses SSL encryption, correc...
10 years 4 1126

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