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COG, overlay
Hello, in module Center of Gravity there is such function: "overlay graphics on source image" at ...
10 years 8 2218
Lag of the program [5]
About color picker. I apologize, now I understood simply not at once has understood as it works...
10 years 5 1568
Lag of the program [4]
thanks all has turned out...
10 years 5 1568
Lag of the program [2]
All has appeared worse than I thought =/ After reboot the program is probably started with the non-...
10 years 5 1568
Lag of the program
Hello, for capture video I use an internal tuner Pinnacle PCTV pro in options of the program I try...
10 years 5 1568
Gruzdev Feodor [3]
OK I shall soon try design good but robots with small wheels slip = / ...
10 years 4 1909
Gruzdev Feodor
sorry my bad english =) Has more recently learned about your program, it very much is pleasant to m...
10 years 4 1909

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