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Center of Gravity font install error
I am running RoboRealm 64 bit.  When I insert the Center of Gravity into my pipeline - I get the error "Missing font f...
3 years 2 473
I am using VB 2015 .net.  I can talk to the API ok.  I'm trying to use GetCameraFormat and I can't get it to...
3 years 2 535
Image Compare
Steven, I thought Image Matching was going to work for me - but it does not.  I was tryin...
2 years 2 888
Image Matching
I'm running the commercial version 2.79.18 and am working with image matching. There is a check box...
2 years 2 656
Tabs [3]
Thanks for the quick reply - It may I have to play around to find the best solution.
2 years 4 867
Hi STeve - How can I change the active tab from VB.net?...
2 years 4 867
Image Matching
Hi Steven, I am getting a better handle on image matching.  What I am doing is using the ...
2 years 2 623
SetBitmap function [2]
I figured out the SetBitmap:            &nbs...
1 year 2 96
SetBitmap function
I'm trying to streamline my program (VB.Net) - and want to load a bitmap rather than a file into roboRealm. LoadIm...
1 year 2 96
Training Images [6]
Hi STeven - Are you able to respond to my last post on this thread about training and such?  - Bob...
3 days 7 116
Training Images [5]
Thanks STeven, A little more background on what I am trying to do.  I could have hundreds...
3 days 7 116
Training Images [3]
STeve - thanks for the reply. Background - I am developing an inspection machine - I am trying to b...
3 days 7 116
Training Images
Hi STeven, Is there a way to programmatically train images for matching - for example for "Object M...
3 days 7 116

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