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lynxmotion ssc 32U not connecting [3]
STeven, Thx for the response. The board also does not work with the lynxmotion software as seen in...
7 year 4 2924
lynxmotion ssc 32U not connecting
Hi, We are experiencing some major trouble connecting the Lynxmotion module to the COM port.
7 year 4 2924
watch variables [9]
Steven, That explains the problem, my programm works like it should now. I want to th...
9 year 9 2722
watch variables [7]
Steven Thank you for the explenation as to why the object "dissapears". However i ra...
9 year 9 2722
watch variables [5]
Steven, Thank you for your fast response. When i have installed my variables with set...
9 year 9 2722
watch variables [3]
I have noticed that when I remove the object that I'm tracking my variables X and Y in display variables disappear and when I ad...
9 year 9 2722
VB script power NXT
Hello, We are working on a robot keeper that stops a ball rolling down a hill. We are...
9 year 2 2623
Servo controller
Hi, We where wondering if instead of using a parallax server controler as we cannot find where to ...
7 year 2 2133

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