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DLink camera [3]
Steve, If you will email  your address to me I will ship the dlink camera out tomorrow by UPS. Meanwhile...
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DLink camera
Hi, I have a Dlink DCS 5009L web camera on my local network.  The current dlink module does not have thi...
6 years 4 1540
Robot tracking Robot [3]
Hi STeven, Thanks for the tweaks to my program. They helped a lot in eliminating the false targets. I was using th...
6 years 4 2035
Robot tracking Robot
Hey guys, This past year I built an outdoor robot that follows a buried wire around the property. I...
6 years 4 2035
tracking [5]
Hi STeven, The program you wrote works well on the sample snapshot I uploaded but not so good on the actual video....
9 years 6 2656
tracking [4]
Hi STeven, Thanks for the quick response. It looks like RR is going to work for my project. Here is a link to the ...
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tracking [2]
Hi All, Some more info on my previous post. I have been able to isolate the rectangular landing pad in a previous ...
9 years 6 2656
Hi All, Just getting started in computer vision this week. I have had some successes and some failures. This is on...
9 years 6 2656

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