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Write_Variables, changing Filename
Hi STeven, when I change the name of the destination filename then I will get a new file for every ...
6 years 2 1263
Testing an integer array for emptyness
Hi, I need to test in a robo file if there exists a Harris_Corner, how can I achieve it? Does "if H...
5 years 2 1291
Statistics with a black picture
Hi STeven, Color_Statistics Moment_Statistics Geometric_Statistics
6 years 2 844
second tab issues
a) When I use a second tab, the image width and height are different than that one from the first tab and ignores the extent of ...
6 years 2 754
Read_HTTP Timeout
Hi STeven, the 'Read_Http' command fails sometimes for some seconds on all connections. It looks ...
6 years 2 825
multiple tabs
Currently it is not possible to work with more than two tabs. You can create more than two tabs, you can save it, but they will ...
6 years 2 786
Load_Image marker name
Hi Steven, I miss the option to name the marker in module Load_Image. It would be ver...
5 years 3 1542
how to increment/decrement a variable?
Hi, does anybody know if there is way to increment/decrement a variable on robo's side?
6 years 2 1437
How detecting abondoned objects
Hi, does anybody know what modules should be used to detect abondoned objects? Backgr...
5 years 2 1372
Crop display
Hi STeven, when I use the 'Crop' module, the display looks like you are using the wrong extents (...
6 years 2 1278
Blob_Count changes current immage
Hi STeven, when I use the module Blob_Count, the current image will be affected in a way that is no...
6 years 2 1132
Ball Spin Calculation [2]
Hi Arif, the modul 'Optical_Flow' comes in mind... CubaMadre;...
6 years 3 743