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Saving images
Hi again, I am using a python script to do the following: LoadImage
6 years 4 1776
Resulting image size
When I run a transform in the RR UI, the resulting image is the same size as the original. I can't see an obvious way to change...
6 years 6 1383
I've been trying to flatten out the text on the prescription bottles, and the closest I have come is using bottle unwrap along ...
6 years 11 1558
object recognition
Hi Steven, I'm continuing work on the pill bottle problem. I've successfully unwrapped the bottle...
6 years 4 1478
batch processing
Hi Steve, My cropping program is working great on individual images. Now, if I want to do the same ...
6 years 3 1096
Resulting image size [4]
Thanks, Steven. This seemed to correct the problem. We are working on unwrapping pharmacy labels (s...
6 years 6 1383
Resulting image size [6]
Steven, rotating the bottle is one idea we have had. Otherwise, yes; with the images I've been working with, the unwrap paramet...
6 years 6 1383
Saving images [3]
Okay, that makes a lot of sense to do it in one robofile. Here is an example of what you suggested. Though for some reason the c...
6 years 4 1776
Pinch? [3]
Absolutely, here are the images I am working with currently. I'm processing still images, so movem...
6 years 11 1558
Pinch? [5]
Here's pretty close to what I'd like to see: ...
6 years 11 1558
Pinch? [7]
This is exactly the sort of result I was looking for, and indeed it was the guesswork of determining the parameters that slowed ...
6 years 11 1558
batch processing [3]
I was using the Load Image. I'll check on the other items when I get a chance......
6 years 3 1096
Pinch? [10]
Hi Steve, Just wondering if you have made any more progress on this problem. Your sample image look...
6 years 11 1558

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