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Visual basic interface [3]
Yes I had downloaded the api examples, I'm using VB6. Surely somewhere is a complete listing of th...
5 years 7 1729
Visual basic interface [5]
Thanks Steve, I appreciate you want to keep the functions to a minimum. Can you tell ...
5 years 7 1729
Visual basic interface [7]
Thanks Steve...
5 years 7 1729
Xtion shows artifact in line mode [3]
Here are the same views in both modes. You can see a black area on the right in the greyscale image. ...
5 years 5 1762
Xtion shows artifact in line mode [5]
Thanks Steve, yeah the other lines are definitely a door edge too close and part of the wall that can't be seen properly.
5 years 5 1762
xtion range data [2]
My original post may not have been clear. While it would be possible to scan through the image look...
5 years 4 760
xtion range data [4]
Steven, This is perfect. You've opened up many more possibilities with this update. Thanks,
5 years 4 760
xtion image reversed in openni2 [2]
Looks like it might be the MIRRORING flag, from the programmers reference: Mirroring ...
4 years 4 1132
Openni [3]
Thanks Steve, I realised a few milliseconds after posting that I could do this, but couldn't see the post to delete it :)
3 years 3 591
openni2 module missing [3]
Thanks Steve, I have been using them for the last few months in my old version of roborealm, so I t...
3 years 3 602
I'm wondering if it would be possible to overlay the line graphic in the OPENNI module on the RGB  image rather than s...
3 years 3 591
openni filter
I would like to control the 'line' top and bottom values from my VB program. Are these variables available through the api?
3 years 1 709
openni2 module missing
I just downloaded the last update for my subscription and it is missing both Openni2 and OpenNI_kinect modules. <...
3 years 3 602
Visual basic interface
Is there a complete description somewhere of how to use Roborealm variables and functions for VB? F...
5 years 7 1729
xtion image reversed in openni2
I've just started using the openni2 module with my xtion pro live. I thought the line data was a l...
4 years 4 1132
xtion range data
Would it be possible to get access to the range data from LINE mode in the Openni interface? I am u...
5 years 4 760
Xtion shows artifact in line mode
I have an Xtion Pro Live running in roborealm 320x240, line mode with the max min set at 61, 59. No matter where t...
5 years 5 1762

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