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Barcode decode anomaly [10]
Hi STEven, Another possible issue, with the latest program I am unable get the 30 scrolling images ...
6 years 15 2065
Barcode decode anomaly [9]
Hi STeven, I tried your new code, pretty neat the split mode.  This mode seems to very fa...
6 years 15 2065
Barcode decode anomaly [7]
Hi STeven, Am I correct in assuming that when the barcode module decodes the barcodes it is somehwa...
6 years 15 2065
2d decode
Hi STeven, Things have been working well with the 2d matrix decode module.  Just got a ne...
6 years 2 1443
External camera feed
Hi STeven, Was not able to continue from the previous post as it does not show in the forums. ...
5 years 2 1427
Barcode orientation [3]
Hi STeven, Thanks for the update, works great and has been implemented in the vision decode program...
6 years 3 1368
Barcode orientation
Hi STeven, Every thing is working real well for decoding the 2d matrix codes.  I'm about...
6 years 3 1368
Basler Camera [2]
Hi STeven, a second thought.  Can you recommend a camera with the same or possibly better resolution that will interfa...
7 years 3 1303
Basler Camera
Hi STeven,  I have a Basler camera model piA2400-17gm and having a few issues.  RoboRealm sees the camera in...
7 years 3 1303
Socket Comminications
Hi STeven, Having some issues trying to communicate to RR via sockets.  I have a new RR s...
6 years 3 1038
Socket Comminications [3]
Hi STeven, After having communication issues with the socket plugin (prior to your update) &nb...
6 years 3 1038
ini file [3]
Hi STeven, Yes, I have reviewed the API parameter section in detail.  I guess the questio...
6 years 4 969
ini file
Hi STeven, How does one create an ini file to be called when starting RR.  In the API doc...
6 years 4 969
Crash report on startup
Hi STeven, The message to send a crash report happens every time I open RR.  I have selec...
6 years 2 952

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