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v 2.80.50 [2]
Frederick, Please have a look at ...
1 year 2 280
Net Framework Data Provider [2]
Lev, That module uses the SQLDriverConnect Function provided by Microsoft documented at
1 year 2 283
Rectangular data matrix barcodes [2]
Added to the most recent version. STeven....
1 year 2 284
Obstacle avoidance [6]
Azim, Thanks for your image, your definition of "counting" was a bit confusing. What you are really...
8 months 6 284
Obstacle avoidance [4]
"how i do perform the object counting based to the black box ?" - Not sure what you are asking here. Do you need to count the bl...
8 months 6 284
Obstacle avoidance [2]
Azim, I'd first try to find some video seen from the actual robot as this will be very useful for t...
8 months 6 284
Path planing tutorial [2]
Frank, The tutorial is ...
1 year 2 287
Image Processing [2]
Roshan, The trick to OCR engraved text is lighting. I've attached an example. If you light the text...
2 months 3 288
RoboTurret module seems not to work. [2]
Sorry for the confusion. The Trossen Robot Turret module in RR ...
1 year 2 291
Select ROI using mouse [3]
Arif, I think what you want instead is the Crop module which will reduce the image to the space spe...
1 year 4 292
Camera Support [4]
Its tough to know without spending several hours deciphering the code to see if it will work. If you are willing to pay for that...
1 year 6 293
Camera Support [2]
1) We don't see any stated reason it will not work ... but it does not mention having a DirectX interface (i.e. Windows Drivers)...
1 year 6 293
AVM Navigator Marker Mode ini file missing [2]
Attached. We also included it in the initial zip download. Looks like we forgot to include that file.
1 year 2 296
Automatic Start Up [4]
Sandy, I think we have a good idea on what the symptoms are. It sounds like the full screen mode is...
8 months 4 297
Automatic Start Up [2]
What OS are you testing on? It sounds like the full screen might just be covering the current inter...
8 months 4 297
Lego EV3 + Roborealm = Amazing [2]
Huno, Very cool project! Thanks for shared. We added this to ...
1 year 2 307
Load Module [2]
If you are saving the image from RR, why do you want to reload it back into the same application that just saved it? If you plan...
1 year 2 309
FRC SmartDashboard Problem [2]
James, What url are you giving the SmartDashboard? Just the basic ...
7 months 2 317
XML/Sockets API - Questions for a node.js / Javascript interface implementation [3]
Carl, Q1. There is an internal structure that will be populated based on requests via the API. It i...
2 months 8 319
XML/Sockets API - Questions for a node.js / Javascript interface implementation [5]
Carl, The Watch Variables module should be benign when it comes to any interaction with the underly...
2 months 8 319

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