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RR Won't Start when Called from Code in 64 bit (RR_COM_API_64.dll) [4]
JHao, Our mistake ... we accidentally were truncating that return value (to correct the API log dis...
1 year 4 384
Path planing tutorial [2]
Frank, The tutorial is ...
2 years 2 386
Load Module [2]
If you are saving the image from RR, why do you want to reload it back into the same application that just saved it? If you plan...
2 years 2 390
RoboClaw v4+ [2]
In case others read this ... a new revision of the RoboClaw IonMC module is up with temperature and motor current variables adde...
2 years 2 390
MicroUSB U451 board [4]
Tom, Looks like that board was newer since the module was created. It was checking for the previous...
2 years 5 392
Object Recognition_Template folder samples [4]
FRP, Yes, that's basically it. The one change is that the images should be only of the target to de...
1 year 4 394
Object Recognition_Template folder samples [2]
Dr. P, Not that we can make available. Typically google image search is a good option for finding a...
1 year 4 394
"Write AVI" with the filename from variable [2]
Doug, Yes it is and is done frequently. You can even change the variable path and that will tell th...
1 year 2 399
Digital reader issue [4]
Tomas, Attached is a zip file containing a robofile and the training folder needed for this to work...
1 year 4 399
Select ROI using mouse [3]
Arif, I think what you want instead is the Crop module which will reduce the image to the space spe...
2 years 4 399
Digital reader issue [2]
Tomaz, Perhaps you can post a raw unmodified image as would be seen from the camera? And perhaps th...
1 year 4 399
visual data scraper [2]
Steve, Probably not. Its not meant to run off and do its own thing as something like a Siri or Amaz...
2 years 4 402
Net Framework Data Provider [2]
Lev, That module uses the SQLDriverConnect Function provided by Microsoft documented at
2 years 2 402
visual data scraper [4]
Its probably a good idea to provide more than a two line description of what you need to do otherwise our answers will not be ve...
2 years 4 402
ABB mint [2]
Jonathan, You will most likely be writing your own protocol using either Ethernet or Serial to the ...
1 year 3 403
Set Camera Problem [4]
Josh, Check that in the API tab that the timeout is set to zero (infinite) and that at least 5 thre...
2 years 4 403
lynxmotion ssc 32U not connecting [4]
Max, Hmm, that seems like you have a good setup. I would try to contact Lynxmotion (RobotShop) to s...
1 year 4 403
Set Camera Problem [2]
Josh, I just tried this in the latest version with the API enabled and it seemed to work as expecte...
2 years 4 403
Automatic Start Up [4]
Sandy, I think we have a good idea on what the symptoms are. It sounds like the full screen mode is...
1 year 4 405
Automatic Start Up [2]
What OS are you testing on? It sounds like the full screen might just be covering the current inter...
1 year 4 405

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