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Cannot start Roborealm [2]
Roland, That looks like a corrupted file. You can quickly try to start RR while holding down the CT...
4 years 7 697
Blob_Filter > RightOf/LeftOf [7]
Antoine, That still doesn't look like the original image or you are getting a very thresholded ima...
4 years 7 840
Python Module not working [7]
Carter, Excellent! So that's a new thing we should look out for too. Lucky guess on our part!
1 year 7 1382
Media Reader Crashes RR [3]
Rud, Can you post one of the smaller videos here? It seems that there is a format incompatibility w...
5 years 7 1308
problem in sprkfun_mega module [5]
Nithy, We were able to verify the problem but since the fix we cannot replicate the issue in either...
1 year 7 522
Read_HTTP does not read static jpg [4]
Sascha, The image doesn't appear to be the problem. It loads fine even over a webserver. Something ...
2 years 7 570
Barcode 128A [2]
Can you include an example of an image that you tested that didn't seem to work? That will help us determine if the current Cod...
3 years 7 1483
RoboRealm and video stream [6]
The two local to us that come to mind are Artemis Vision 781 Vallejo St.
7 months 7 235
Blob_Filter > RightOf/LeftOf [5]
Antoine, I'm assume that the red dot is something that you are drawing?
4 years 7 840
DLL Plugin. Static image refresh. [7]
Dmitry, Thanks for mentioning that. It was a problem in the Draw.cpp file include with the SwapColo...
2 years 7 524
marble maze [5]
What do you mean by servo driver? I think you are talking about the SSC. Basically PC->serial cable->SCC 32->PWM cable-...
4 years 7 1315
Variables, Auto-Play, Save of Shape-Match Train [6]
Timo, Your vbscript file is missing two lines at the top: shapes = Get...
2 years 7 1265
EZB_Variables broken [6]
Darathian, Thanks, it seems the connection failure was not being detected correctly. This has been ...
3 years 7 633
Read_HTTP does not read static jpg [2]
Sascha, The module does access jpg images as you specified. Perhaps there is something a bit differ...
2 years 7 570
Visual basic interface [4]
Dave, There isn't an explicit document for VB but if you have a look at the test.vb file there are...
4 years 7 1397
RoboRealm and video stream [4]
FRederick, this is probably the best forum to use for that sort of thing. If you are looking for co...
7 months 7 235
Stereo (stereoscopic) Vision object detection [6]
Which module are you using? The AVM requires each side to be trained using its interface.
4 years 7 2808
Cannot start Roborealm [7]
Roland, Glad that worked out. Specifically you were probably missing the Visual C runtime libraries...
4 years 7 697
Saving AVI [7]
Thanks for the follow up! Yes, there are many ways to solve this project which is both a good and bad thing! I would imagine tha...
2 years 7 630
Alerting when locked on - FRC image tracking [7]
Kyle, Looks like you got it! I checked the VB and it seems to be functioning ok. If you run into is...
4 years 7 830

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