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roborealm and arduino [2]
Can you post the control code that you tried which worked and the robofile that you currently had loaded into RR? We can then co...
2 years 2 880
GenICam XML Parse error [2]
Jake, That's most likely due to a unicode/high ascii character included in the description that the...
2 years 5 1395
GenICam XML Parse error [4]
Jake, Ok, that doesn't appear to be an invalid character but an incorrect truncation of the data be...
2 years 5 1395
Not saving "source" image from C# [2]
Jake, This was our fault. We were using the wrong field name in the RR executable and thus never re...
2 years 3 472
Write to EXIF [2]
We added EXIF writing to the write_image module but, unfortunately, we were not able to write the GPS information to the EXIF pa...
2 years 2 783
detect white  color? [3]
To detect black color, use the Negative module just before the RGB Filter and then detect white as mentioned above.
2 years 3 793
detect white  color? [2]
Select the gray checkbox and increase the min intensity to something like 200 (255 is max). STeven....
2 years 3 793
versions [2]
The latest version has VERSION and ROBO_PATH, ROBO_FILENAME and ROBO_LABEL variables added. STeven....
2 years 3 519
HSV and HLS [4]
Opps, you are correct! They were using the same interface (but handling the conversion differently). That's corrected in the lat...
2 years 4 693
HSV and HLS [2]
They are very similar but not exactly the same. H (hue) is the same but S (saturation) is a bit different as well as L (lighting...
2 years 4 693
RR + RIOS SSC 32 [4]
Just verified that the module still works with RIOS 1.06 What do you see in the log? I get
2 years 6 592
RR + RIOS SSC 32 [2]
Are you referring to the lynxmotion sequencer program itself or the module in RR that talks to the sequencer?
2 years 6 592
RR + RIOS SSC 32 [6]
Jean, Can you download the most recent version of RR and give that a try? We found a potential issu...
2 years 6 592
using C# and Roborealm [2]
This is most likely caused by a mismatch between x32 and x64 versions. You should check what you are compiling to and also use e...
2 years 2 561
AVM navigator and APM 2.5 [4]
Yes, that is certainly possible. The AVM module creates those variables with the expectation of another module using those value...
2 years 5 706
Depth sensor to RR [3]
Pool photo attached.
2 years 3 563
Depth sensor to RR [2]
While there are modules for the Kinect and senz3D devices (not to mention just using an IR or Sonar sensor on an Arduino) I don'...
2 years 3 563
Suitability question [2]
Allan, Yes, that is possible. There are various ways to accomplish this depending on what tolerance...
2 years 2 506
Combine 2 different pipeline [11]
Nurul, Attached is the mean intensity example. 133 versus 112 seems to be significant enough to det...
2 years 18 1342
Combine 2 different pipeline [6]
Nurul, I would use the found circle to test the intensity of the resulting detected cell (perhaps u...
2 years 18 1342

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