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saving image [2]
Anthony, You would use the Write Image module. The trick is to ensure that the graphics are also sa...
5 years 6 1147
saving image [4]
Anthony, Try the attached. It will save images and beep when enough movement is present.
5 years 6 1147
Waiting for keypress [2]
Roland, 1. Download the latest RR version 2. And try the attached robofile. It is an ...
5 years 2 739
Can turtlebot 2 be controlled by RoboRealm [2]
Hi, Unfortunately since ClearPath changed their platfrom from the Create to the Kobuki base we no l...
5 years 3 1068
Multi object tracking and triggering [13]
Aman, Instead of using the Blob Filter array you will need to use the Geometric Stats module to gen...
5 years 12 2733
Pausing [2]
I assume that based on your other post that you may have what you need. The trick is that you canno...
5 years 4 1407
opening error [2]
Roland, Can you post that corrected file so that we can try the same thing?
5 years 12 738
opening error [4]
Roland, Just confirming, this is the robofile with all the keyboard reads in it right? It appears t...
5 years 12 738
opening error [8]
Roland, That was "new test.robo" which is what you called the file that you saved. I included it ...
5 years 12 738
opening error [6]
Roland, Thanks for the detailed sequence. That's what we figured you were doing but could not repl...
5 years 12 738
Send weight value to my PLC [2]
Marcuis, That will depend on your PLC and how you can communicate to it. There are many ways:
5 years 10 1515
Point Grey cameras [6]
Answered offline, but for those reading this: Point Grey has a DirectX driver that allows it to app...
5 years 6 1210
blob tracking [2]
Daniela, We'll need to see a couple images to better understand the issues. Can you post some here...
5 years 2 650
tenvis jpt3815w not working with motion detection [2]
David, (As answered offline but repeated here for everyone else) The movement module will set non-m...
5 years 3 1662
Writing to Clipboard [2]
That seems like a good idea ... just a clarification, is just one variable sufficient? If not, what's the easiest format for mu...
5 years 4 1193
Send weight value to my PLC [4]
Marcius, It doesn't appear since it isn't set. The parameters that you are using to 'stop tracki...
5 years 10 1515
Problem with getting my pipe program to work [2]
Perhaps you missed this page ...
5 years 2 626
AVM module failure [2]
Martin, Do you have any modules in the pipeline before the AVM module? We can't see what you have ...
5 years 4 1389
Send weight value to my PLC [6]
MX, If you click the save button and type in a name like my_file.robo it will save the pipeline con...
5 years 10 1515
Conect Microsoft Kinect to RoboRealm? [2]
You probably have the Microsoft Kinect Drivers installed too. When that happens the libusb drivers no longer work. I'd try to r...
5 years 5 1748

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