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Kinect Depth Image [2]
Bruce, Can you verify that the Kinect is getting enough power? I've found that this behavior is see...
3 years 3 859
PTZ Foscam Object/ Motion tracking. [2]
D, Based on your image, you will see the VBScript module has relevant code in it to translate a joy...
3 years 3 1396
Using variables in Colorize module [2]
Yes, just enter in something like [my_variable] into that field and s...
3 years 2 737
AVM_obj recognation issue [2]
Muhammed, Can you describe or post an example image of what objects you are recognizing? I have a s...
3 years 2 656
Roborealm Crashes without reason [5]
Ali, Do you mean that because the fps is slower the object appears and disappears before an image i...
3 years 5 849
Roborealm Crashes without reason [3]
Ali, It seems that the application is crashing in the API server part when an array variable is bei...
3 years 5 849
Find circle shapes [8]
Yes, that's *much* better. Attached is a robofile that is one interpretation on how to do this with the resulting annotated imag...
3 years 9 866
Read Inputs using Arduino Mega Module [2]
You do need to specify a variable in the appropriate pin # box but you do NOT need to declare or use the variable anywhere ... t...
3 years 2 879
SHAPES array [2]
Jeremy, You can access individual elements using [SHAPE_SIZE:2]
3 years 2 608
Webcam suggestions [2]
Sam, We've actually created a mounting system for that camera (and its successor) that was initiall...
3 years 2 583
some modules (VBScript) are not executed [2]
Let me guess ... your script probably as a GetArrayVariable that is not being tested for being an array?
3 years 3 811
Loop of roborealm and fps camera. [2]
Ashira, Yes, you can set the Options button->Other tab->Min Processing FPS but AFTER you have...
3 years 3 577
AXIS Camera Select [2]
Bernie, The Axis is an IP camera and as such doesn't have a DirectShow interface like webcams do wh...
3 years 3 963
Listen to noise [2]
Marco, After speaking you need to set a variable that will avoid the speaking again until something...
3 years 2 683
SetImage [9]
GetImage will request a jpeg image in superb (highest) quality which will not compress the image as much as you'd like. This was...
3 years 17 1158
SetImage [11]
Kresimir, Sorry about my previous post ... it was too soon. The DLL had not yet been updated. I hav...
3 years 17 1158
SetImage [16]
Yes, there was a byte missing in that transmission from the COM object. This has now been corrected too. You can download the mo...
3 years 17 1158
SetImage [7]
For those working directly with .net bitmaps you can instead use [System.Runtime.InteropServices.Dl...
3 years 17 1158
SetImage [13]
Kresimir, I think the issue in part was the lack of knowing how many bytes the jpg data actually ta...
3 years 17 1158
SetImage [6]
Kresimir, Thanks for your testing and also including the screenshot. As soon as I saw the image in ...
3 years 17 1158

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