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Socket Client data to Variable [8]
Normally that's a good thing! The reason the "set once" checkbox is there is for initialization. Otherwise, RR is a 'declared wh...
3 years 8 1159
Socket Client data to Variable [6]
Try removing the Set Speed = "" in the second line of the pipeline. :-) Or at least select the "set...
3 years 8 1159
hardware needed [2]
It should just function fine on a regular PC unless you have a large video image (> 640x480). See
3 years 2 789
Roborealm Purchase [2]
Append &v=2.77.10 to your download URL (once purchased as this does NO...
3 years 2 617
AUV [2]
I'm assuming this is a duplicate/related post for ...
3 years 11 1438
AUV [10]
Ragronark, Q1: Not sure if that would be the only change. It is certainly the most common since dif...
3 years 11 1438
AUV [4]
Can you verify that the motors work and that setting those pins on the arduino cause the motors to move?
3 years 11 1438
AUV [8]
Yes, the motors will most likely react to the PWM signal ... thus the 500 to 2500 range. Note, 1000...
3 years 11 1438
AUV [6]
Have you written a quick Arduino Sketch that sets the values of pin3 and pin9 to 800 and 1000 to see if the motors respond?
3 years 11 1438
Keyboard Shortcuts [2]
Jeremy, We updated those keystrokes to use F2, F3 and F4 for the 3 tabs (F1 goes to help) as we ran...
3 years 2 693
RoboRealm 64 bit [4]
Mayank, A 64 bit version of the RoboRealm.dll is not available. If you append &b=64 to your downloa...
3 years 4 734
RoboRealm 64 bit [2]
Mayank, We've not had any requests for a 64 bit version but have intended to release a 64 bit versi...
3 years 4 734
How to overlay one pet [2]
Egido, Do you have an example of what you mean? Detecting and identifying animals isn't an easy tas...
3 years 2 867
How to launch second simultaneous instance of RR? [4]
Jeremy, I'm not sure if this does what you need but in the Average module
3 years 5 882
How to launch second simultaneous instance of RR? [2]
Jeremy, Let's backup for a minute since while this is possible to do I'm not sure why one would. I ...
3 years 5 882
Roborealm Crash File [4]
Gulmen, Thanks for the crash report. We have checked all the information we can and have made some ...
3 years 5 696
Roborealm Crash File [2]
Gulmen, Can you zip up that crash report and post it here? That will allow us to better get an idea...
3 years 5 696
C# Sample Project [2]
Sam, The easiest way is to learn by example. Run RR and enable the API server (Options button->A...
3 years 4 1138
C# Sample Project [4]
Sameer, 1. Have a look at how the attached robofile and image works to detect color barcodes of 3 c...
3 years 4 1138
Measure the distance between a hole and a line [2]
This will probably completely change once you actually get a better lens. The camera is probably fine, just need a macro lens to...
3 years 3 1013

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