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How to use minoru? [4]
Ashira, Can you upload just the two raw unmodified images? We don't need the GUI ... just the actua...
2 years 12 1243
Block Detection [2]
William, There isn't a way to detect squares like the Circles module does. Its a basic difference b...
2 years 4 490
Block Detection [4]
William, If this is just for fun, you can experiment around with various object recognition techniq...
2 years 4 490
connect to modbus [2]
Only modbus for now. Can you use Devicenet to connect to a Fanuc robot? What board would you need to plug into a PC to enable th...
2 years 2 538
Defect Rubber [2]
Giuseppe, First off it looks like the focus on those images is a bit off. You may want to tweak the...
2 years 6 896
Defect Rubber [6]
Giuseppe, Unfortunately we don't have a solution for your images. There is some additional experime...
2 years 6 896
How do I activate my license? [2]
If you had activated it you should have received a download url based on that code. It might still be in the email box of whomev...
2 years 3 465
Windows 10 Compatibility [2]
Yes, it should run just fine on Win8 and Win10. STeven....
2 years 2 755
cScript [2]
I'm assuming you are using the Path_Planning module, as one of the outputs you have PLAN_ORIENTATION which is the direction/angl...
2 years 2 543
Counting bread [2]
Peter, Do you want to count each bucket of bread (relatively easy) or the individual break loafs in...
2 years 4 581
Counting bread [4]
Peter, It will be very difficult to count the individual break loafs since they are not very discre...
2 years 4 581
OCR is not working on my machine or I'm doing something wrong? [2]
White is on, black is off ... other apps will switch this logic so it can get confusing. In other w...
2 years 3 798
coin sorting based on shiny or not [2]
Peter, Yes, this is possible. There may be a limitation on what types of coins you can process sinc...
2 years 2 414
Roborealm wth Flir one Android camera to detect IR signatures [2]
Mark, If you can get the FLIR image into a PC, then yes, it is possible to do. A FLIR image is esse...
2 years 2 503
importing variables into roborealm [15]
The Execute module wasn't written to accept input not immediately available (such as a person typing in a response). We've re-or...
2 years 14 805
importing variables into roborealm [10]
Can you check quickly what happens when you select the "wait for program exit" on the second execute? You have it on the first b...
2 years 14 805
importing variables into roborealm [5]
Make that print '1\r\n' based on the receive sequence (forgot the newl...
2 years 14 805
importing variables into roborealm [4]
Yes, you can use 'print 1' or 'print 2' in your app to output text that then gets stored in the variable ... give it a try!
2 years 14 805
importing variables into roborealm [2]
If you read the docs at ...
2 years 14 805
importing variables into roborealm [8]
The order of the modules is relevant ... I can't tell if that is your issue unless you post your robofile. Its also possible som...
2 years 14 805

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