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Coordinates of a circle video stream [2]
Carl, Yes, this is possible ... it depends on your final goal. Certainly transforming an individual...
1 year 2 263
Axis Camera FPS [3]
Probably a bit late for this years finals, but we've added in 66ms delay for next year in the latest version.
4 years 2 1250
Object recognition or image matching [2]
Jaheer, Multiple techniques are in the OR module to allow for the right technique to be used for a ...
1 year 2 366
auto avi recording [3]
Syfy. See the attached. Its just a matter of setting a variable using the buttons and selecting tha...
4 years 2 1035
RoboClaw v4+ [2]
In case others read this ... a new revision of the RoboClaw IonMC module is up with temperature and motor current variables adde...
1 year 2 328
Roborealm Purchase [2]
Append &v=2.77.10 to your download URL (once purchased as this does NO...
2 years 2 485
I need help [3]
I'm not sure what you are having issues with. If you did all the programs in the books you should have made the robot go back a...
4 years 2 998
when robofile is reopened... [3]
David, Make sure that there isn't another RR lurking in the background that is still running. When...
4 years 2 944
Identifying a Pet [2]
Brian, You'd be at it forever to identify specific animals. A shortcut would be to see that someth...
3 years 2 994
Waypoint Question and Feature Request [3]
Jon, The format would be more like ReDim points (4)
4 years 2 1263
Distance from camera using Kinect depth sensor [2]
Assuming you have the Kinect running, you would use the output of the red color detection to mask that area in the depth image. ...
3 years 2 1049
Academic License Purchasing [3]
Zati, Yes, we can. Please use our contact form and send us your email, name and physical address. W...
4 years 2 663
RobotC [2]
Brandon, This should be possible. What you will have to find out is what robotC has in terms of ser...
3 years 2 1029
use the roborealm to read DataMatrix [2]
Dong, Thanks for your note. We are currently working on getting the datamatrix barcode integrated i...
3 years 2 911
blob sum pixel values [2]
Most likely the Color_Statistics module is what you are looking for. You can also check out the other statistics modules like Ge...
1 year 2 391
Blob Recognition [2]
Saby, Thanks for the images. We found a couple GUI issues in that module and have fixed those. If y...
2 years 2 703
line profile [2]
For modules that don't have drop down variables you can always use the [variable] format to automate that particular value. In f...
2 years 2 491
Confidence Value [2]
Joe, The bit setting of 1 would toggle the relay quite frequently as the number changes. I would ex...
2 years 2 633
Object Avoidance [3]
Eric, Check out ...
5 years 2 1236
the magic behind Fiducial [2]
There are many different ways to do that. If you are interested in the behinds the scenes way, take a look at the ARTookit
4 years 2 988

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