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Dino-Lite not starting [2]
Jack, I'm not sure what that message means. It would be caused by a lack of memory. Perhaps you can...
3 years 2 621
Bug in multiline cut and if statement [2]
We noticed this too and added a fix. Things are still not quite right if you cut/copy half an if_statement (i.e. don't include i...
4 years 2 1084
tracking IR-LEDs [2]
Martin, Assuming you just want to track the PCB that's certainly possible just using illumination ...
5 years 2 1207
Calculating distance between two blob COGs [2]
Yes, in most modules you can use COG_X:0 COG_X:1 COG_X:2 ...
4 years 2 780
Button interface to activate tabs [2]
Mai, You would use the Call tab to do this. See the attached. Press a button to run different tabs....
5 years 2 1558
Bug in nearest y [2]
Yahya, Thanks for checking into this. We've made an update to correctly preserve the [cogy] value....
4 years 2 1163
Image flicker using OpenNI Kinect camera [2]
Thomas, I assume you are seeing this flickering also in the RGB image? Note that you will get some ...
4 years 2 730
External camera feed [2]
Pete, I think you are on the right track. The HTTP_read would not show the USB Microsoft camera sin...
3 years 2 1106
2014 FRC First Time Vision Tracking [2]
Sebastian, You will want to look at the Network Tables module which will allow you to transmit the ...
4 years 2 713
RR-RPi [2]
RR doesn't run on the Raspberry PI (different chipset) but it can interact with it remotely. For example, you can run an image ...
4 years 2 697
Server processing of images [2]
Paul, This is possible but a lot of it will depend on what platform your clients would use to submi...
1 year 2 373
Multiple Images - then proccessing [2]
Vispacem, The problem that you've encountered is that you cannot stall the pipeline and get a new ...
4 years 2 1106
Labview Network Tables [2]
Where are you running the network tables? I.e. where is the server? Its most likely that RR is not connecting to the server corr...
4 years 2 1016
Using RoboRealm through LabVIEW [2]
Jyothish, Yes it is. Please see the API example for the LabView folder downloadable from
1 year 2 440
controlling multiple cameras [2]
Charlie, Check first that both cameras individually (depending on what they are looking at) can run...
1 year 2 431
Distribution Client check if connected? [2]
5 years 2 783
Roborealm not recognizing multiple Playstation Eye cameras [2]
I assume that you installed the code lab drivers? Note that you need the platform SDK driver in order to access two.
5 years 2 757
REgarding camera resoltuion [2]
Hemant, You don't have any couple choices until you can move the camera backwards to get more in th...
2 years 2 667
is there any limitation [3]
Best to start with a similar tutorial like ...
5 years 2 664
Barcode reader [2]
Olaf, You probably just have the Personal version of RR. The barcode is considered a commercial fea...
2 years 2 819

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