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Ok, thanks for the clarification, it pays to be very specific when asking questions. Perhaps the following will give you an exam...
2 years 4 648
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Fernando, I'm not 100% sure what you are asking. If you had an example image that might be easier t...
2 years 4 648
cScript [2]
Fernando, This can be done in the cscript module (or VBScript or Python or Jscript modules). You wo...
2 years 2 577
Faceless Function [4]
Bob, There was a mistake in the RR_COM_DLL activeX object that interfaces with VB. The actual routi...
2 years 4 663
gps devices [8]
Is the baud rate set correctly? 115K seems fast, they are normally around 9600 ... but check your device specs. <...
2 years 10 931
gps devices [6]
Are you sure the device is connect to COM3? Standard Modem over Bluetooth doesn't seem like the right connection since you have ...
2 years 10 931
gps devices [2]
Hemant, Typically any GPS device that supports NMEA format should work ... but that's a *should* wo...
2 years 10 931
gps devices [4]
Hemant, Click on the Console button next to the buad rate settings, wait for the text to appear for...
2 years 10 931
scale servo arduino object tracking [2]
Pablo, If I'm not mistake I would expect the servo values to range from 500 to 2500? If so, the act...
2 years 2 498
DLL & OCR [2]
Maize, RoboRealm doesn't have a 'produce c/c++ code ability' but does have many other ways to inter...
2 years 2 793
Saving AVI [2]
Steve, I think you were on the right direction. The pipeline is essentially in a while loop process...
2 years 7 631
Saving AVI [7]
Thanks for the follow up! Yes, there are many ways to solve this project which is both a good and bad thing! I would imagine tha...
2 years 7 631
RPI Status [2]
Stephen, There is development in this direction but has been sidelined due to high priority project...
2 years 3 450
Alerts - Signals - Beeps [2]
Joe, that will depend on what hardware you have interfaced to your PC. You would need some sort of ...
2 years 5 570
Center of Gravity font install error [2]
Bob, Go ahead and download the latest version which has a fix for this and the newer vc2010 redistr...
2 years 2 407
How to use minoru? [4]
Ashira, Can you upload just the two raw unmodified images? We don't need the GUI ... just the actua...
2 years 12 1248
How to use minoru? [13]
Very nice! That's much more precise that what I thought you could get using that system. Well done!
2 years 12 1248
How to use minoru? [2]
Ashira, As I just mentioned in ...
2 years 12 1248
How to use minoru? [8]
Ashira, Unfortunately that doesn't look like it is working. I can't tell if it is the reflections t...
2 years 12 1248
How to use minoru? [6]
Can you press the Save button and type in something.jpg and post that image here? I need the raw images and its very important t...
2 years 12 1248

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