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Converting webcam into NDVI camera using VBScript [4]
Nope, IR is read like the RGB image, i.e. IR signal just makes the pixel higher intensity when the IR filter is removed so it is...
5 years 4 1634
Tracking Person Shirt striped RGB [2]
As mentioned in the other post, have a look at ...
5 years 2 739
Differential_drive module + Continious servo rotations values [2]
The midpoint of 128 is for a non-Arduino SSC (servo controller). Most will use different values than what you need. In the diffe...
5 years 3 1371
Dir. & Step. Pin # [2]
Sam, We made an update to fix the 1 versus 0 issue that you identified earlier.
5 years 2 1121
parallel port [4]
If you set the bit number (ie. select 1 in the bit dropdown) then you should get a clean 1 or 0. ST...
5 years 6 1323
parallel port [6]
Jorge, If you download the latest version this issue should be fixed. ...
5 years 6 1323
parallel port [2]
In that same interface, do you see where the Variable dropdowns are? Just type in a word (like pin13value) and that will set tha...
5 years 6 1323
Fiducial Orientation. [4]
Daniel, Thanks for the source images. Turns out there was a problem with the size of the images. Be...
5 years 5 1270
Fiducial Orientation. [2]
Daniel, Could you include a couple of the same images but without any text/green outline? Your imag...
5 years 5 1270
Windows 8 [2]
Danh, The reason Win8 is included is that we've not started to use that OS on a daily basis which ...
5 years 3 1140
Get 2 variables from Serial to arduino? [2]
You can do this several ways, the easiest is just to use an IF_Statement module in RR to set your distance to zero based on the ...
5 years 3 1243
VBScript to Serial Port Communication [2]
John, Not directly from the VBScript ... what you do is setup the appropriate variables in VBScript...
5 years 2 1968
motor speed or tracking speed. [4]
Do you see the FPS number increase as seen in the lower status line in the main RR GUI? There is no...
5 years 15 1533
motor speed or tracking speed. [12]
Sam, reviewing the manual I think there are a couple things you can do ... I suggest you become ve...
5 years 15 1533
motor speed or tracking speed. [10]
Sam, Can you start with a clean pipeline (press New) and then check the fps. It should be about wha...
5 years 15 1533
motor speed or tracking speed. [2]
You can try to increase the frequency that you signal the driver ... i.e. how quickly you change the pin values. As RR is based ...
5 years 15 1533
motor speed or tracking speed. [8]
Seems that you do need to increase the pulse frequency. Can you answer my previous question concerning the FPS? <...
5 years 15 1533
motor speed or tracking speed. [15]
Sam, "Does the camera has anything to do with the puls  signal?" - Yes, camera on, you ...
5 years 15 1533
motor speed or tracking speed. [6]
What driver board are you using? Also, are you sure you untoggled the camera button when you set th...
5 years 15 1533
Visual basic interface [4]
Dave, There isn't an explicit document for VB but if you have a look at the test.vb file there are...
5 years 7 1630

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