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application demo for RoboRealm DLL library [2]
First link on http://www.roborealm...
3 years 2 847
Datamatrix [2]
Did you try the barcode module? I don't see any question in your post. STeven....
3 years 2 915
how to detect the number inside a square [2]
You may want to post example images of what you will be working with ... hard to determine what's right without that.
3 years 2 1090
software not respondig [2]
The best way to ensure stability is to send us those crash reports that should appear after a crash. Since RR is used in many di...
3 years 3 577
line profile [2]
For modules that don't have drop down variables you can always use the [variable] format to automate that particular value. In f...
3 years 2 561
VBS [2]
WScript isn't exactly VBScript. Try Dim objShell Set objShell = Creat...
3 years 3 825
line profile [2]
It does change the value to zero. You just can't see it in the Watch Variables module since that module will truncate informatio...
3 years 3 605
Missing "vcomp120.dll" [2]
Joe, That can probably be solved by installing the visual studio 2012 redistributables.
3 years 3 1249
USB Port / RoboRealm Module [7]
Joe, Thanks for the update! Yes, it is all about the details. One wrong thing and suddenly everythi...
3 years 7 911
USB Port / RoboRealm Module [4]
Joe, We downloaded the latest libs from Phidgets and recompiled using those. Can you download the l...
3 years 7 911
serial communoication [2]
Hi, You will not be able to user the serial module to grab that much information ... or at least no...
3 years 2 552
Blob Recognition [2]
Saby, Thanks for the images. We found a couple GUI issues in that module and have fixed those. If y...
3 years 2 861
Lego NXT module - where has it gone? [2]
Col, I think you downloaded the 64 bit version which cannot work with the NXT drivers. Please downl...
3 years 3 594
openni2 module missing [2]
Dave, Its been corrected in later versions but the empty popup message typically indicated missing ...
3 years 3 549
navigation by computer vision [9]
Arvind, If you are looking for neural network based learning packages you may be better off with a ...
3 years 27 2121
navigation by computer vision [27]
Hemant, 1. You may find ...
3 years 27 2121
navigation by computer vision [14]
Arvind, "I  can get distance or depth of any object  in order to avoid collisio...
3 years 27 2121
navigation by computer vision [18]
Hemant, In theory that is a 1394 camera. If you don't have one of those firewire ports on your mach...
3 years 27 2121
navigation by computer vision [5]
Your robofile looks about right. You may need a newline after the move command in the serial module. So that would be more like ...
3 years 27 2121
navigation by computer vision [20]
Hemant, Detecting the road with Canny works but you will have a lot of other non-road detection. Th...
3 years 27 2121

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