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Tracking people by clothing [2]
Jeremy, There are a couple different ways of doing this. Can I assume that the camera that you are ...
2 years 3 1026
Distance and Angle Measurements [2]
Larry, In order to measure distance from the camera you would either need to know the physical obje...
2 years 2 1084
Targeting system [2]
Max, That involves a bit of math ... there are couple places where you can find the appropriate for...
2 years 4 1521
Targeting system [4]
Fair enough! Watch out for the wheel speeds though. You will want to put a PID feedback loop on those to ensure that they spin t...
2 years 4 1521
Trying to quantify weeds out of field crop [2]
Aman, The easiest way to do this is to convert the 3 groups into solid colors and then use somethin...
2 years 2 1076
Blob_Inspection Module RoboRealm [2]
Neleena, The Blob Inspection module is only available in the commercial version. While its typicall...
2 years 4 1434
Blob_Inspection Module RoboRealm [4]
I'm not entirely sure what you're getting at ... yes, the blob inspection is good at determining if a spot is different than whe...
2 years 4 1434
Python Module not working [4]
Bit of a guess here .. but python35.dll requires the vc2015 redistributable to be installed. In particular it needs VCRUNTIME140...
2 years 7 1657
Python Module not working [2]
Carter, Where is your Python35.dll install in? The most recent version of Python has yet again chan...
2 years 7 1657
Python Module not working [7]
Carter, Excellent! So that's a new thing we should look out for too. Lucky guess on our part!
2 years 7 1657
Camera Freezing with Convex Hull [4]
Sandy, No problem! Glad we were able to connect. When you try things o...
2 years 4 1128
Camera Freezing with Convex Hull [2]
Sandy, I sent an email earlier today ... please download the latest version which should have a fix...
2 years 4 1128
Pothole detect [8]
Yes, a lidar would be the best tool for this. The precision offered by a lidar will detect the pothole depressions. In fact, you...
2 years 11 1660
Pothole detect [3]
Farid, While it may be possible to classify 'potholes' using just vision alone it will take 1000's ...
2 years 11 1660
Pothole detect [5]
Its better to purchase a calibrated system than using two cameras. Their solution seems quite good but I would ask them if they ...
2 years 11 1660
Constant Variable [2]
Daniel, In most modules you can just type in a number as a constant. If, however, you are looking t...
2 years 2 832
Detecting Thick Line Intersections [2]
Not yet your final results, but the attached robofile (jpg result included too) can be used to find the actual roads (green colo...
2 years 5 1293
Line Profile Axis [2]
Allen, You are looking for the Thickness probe instead. The line profile is really meant for displa...
2 years 3 985
Integer value in Windows-32 [2]
Kresimir, That is correct that a 32 bit number will turn negative as it approaches the 32 bit limit...
3 years 2 988
depth [4]
Ok, that should be possible to tell the depth from since its a known solid object. In what context if the container placed in wh...
3 years 6 1033

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