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Programming Arexx RA-1 Pro With the aid of a camera sensor . [3]
Erdogan, If your camera is mounted on the end of the robot arm, that may be the issue. As you try t...
4 years 2 738
leapmotion sensor ? [2]
Fabrice, Just launched: ...
3 years 2 779
Servo controller [2]
Yes, that should work fine. What happens with USB connections is that they look  like serial connections and the proto...
1 year 2 357
Origin and edges [2]
Roland, Agreed! Unfortunately the Color Sample module should have been named Color Probe since that...
3 years 2 867
exporting variables [2]
BT, First, download the latest version of RR so we can be sure you are seeing what our tests reveal...
4 years 2 1171
TCP socket not receiving all the data [2]
Bryan, There is a little discrepancy between what the console shows and what is actually being read...
2 years 2 555
Bug with double if creation [2]
Thanks for the note. This has been fixed and uploaded in v 2.67.34 STeven....
3 years 2 832
tracking IR-LEDs [2]
Martin, Assuming you just want to track the PCB that's certainly possible just using illumination ...
4 years 2 1025
vision system [3]
Rezk, You can use color to process your attached images. See attached robofile that can be used to ...
4 years 2 1311
Calculating distance between two blob COGs (with picture) [2]
Color is an obvious test ... see attached. STeven.
3 years 2 674
Button interface to activate tabs [2]
Mai, You would use the Call tab to do this. See the attached. Press a button to run different tabs....
4 years 2 1375
How to rotate compass image? [3]
Petr, You can type in something like [rotation]
5 years 2 1528
Multiple camera Processing [2]
You can use the marker module or Camera Properties module to switch the image to another camera. In your case, this would break ...
2 years 2 989
Bug in nearest y [2]
Yahya, Thanks for checking into this. We've made an update to correctly preserve the [cogy] value....
3 years 2 975
Image flicker using OpenNI Kinect camera [2]
Thomas, I assume you are seeing this flickering also in the RGB image? Note that you will get some ...
3 years 2 644
Choppy servo control (dynamixel) [2]
Can you check on the right side of the pipeline and see what gray numbers are high for which modules? It sounds like you have so...
4 years 2 1256
Read_HTTP Timeout [2]
Cuba, We've added a timeout in the latest version. Note that this number is in milliseconds.
4 years 2 596
blob sum pixel values [2]
Most likely the Color_Statistics module is what you are looking for. You can also check out the other statistics modules like Ge...
1 year 2 444
Blob Recognition [2]
Saby, Thanks for the images. We found a couple GUI issues in that module and have fixed those. If y...
2 years 2 752
line profile [2]
For modules that don't have drop down variables you can always use the [variable] format to automate that particular value. In f...
2 years 2 514

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