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Stereoscopic vision for determination of depth [2]
Bob, I'd recommend looking into the Kinect or Creative Senz3D instead which would give you that 3D ...
3 years 2 914
camera recognition [2]
a) In order to measure the actual camera FPS you need to untoggle the Run button such that no modules are running. What happens ...
4 years 2 766
String or variable concatenation [2]
Thomas, Its now possible to use ["hello"+"world"]
3 years 2 600
VBscript help needed for Blob area/size comparision [2]
Aman, This is possible ... do you already have the initial script that quantifies the leaves? If so...
4 years 2 878
scale servo arduino object tracking [2]
Pablo, If I'm not mistake I would expect the servo values to range from 500 to 2500? If so, the act...
3 years 2 613
Robot Localization !!! [2]
I'm not sure that you really want what you are asking for ... but see the attached robofile. That will define robot_x, robot_y,...
5 years 2 1088
displaying variables [2]
Roland, Those GUI lists were set to auto sort. This has been removed so the order you specify shoul...
5 years 2 985
Microcontroller type [2]
Mohammad, You probably want to use a machine with a bit more power than the DMP RoBoard. While is a...
5 years 2 642
roomba + openwrt [2]
It does now (just released). See ...
5 years 2 1157
set intensity of Kinect-IR-Projector [3]
Liu, If you are seeing the Kinect and have installed the libusb drivers that option will be enabled...
5 years 2 1899
FPS drops with multiple cameras housed within if tests modules [2]
Vince, While the IF statements will prevent an image from being used, it doesn't prevent the separ...
4 years 2 631
Creating an output [2]
Kris, Start with building a test environment (can be approximate), get both balls and simulate what...
5 years 2 608
Select Excel Raneg and Perform Formatting functions [3]
I think you may have posted in the wrong website ... perhaps posting something on the MSDN site is a better way to go.
5 years 2 616
Object detection, recognition and counting on measurement basis [2]
Yes, most of what you are asking about is possible depending on which module is used. To answer your concerns more specifically ...
4 years 2 759
Marker Problem with Crop [2]
Paul, This should have been corrected a while back ... can you check with your particular configura...
4 years 2 1228
Unable to Add RoboRealm.dll to C# project [2]
JHao, You don't add the dll to the project like you would in C++. Instead, you need to use it via t...
1 year 2 413
Switching between Multiple Cameras using Marker Module [2]
e-JMO, No, that seems about right. I've included what you have above and it appears to be working ...
4 years 2 735
tracking ball- outputing positional data [3]
Lots of ways to do that. I'd start with the Write Variables module and see if that works for you. ...
5 years 2 1368
High Quality Camera Without Flicker [3]
Maize, For higher frame rates than that you may have to look at machine vision cameras such as thos...
5 years 2 644
Testing an integer array for emptyness [2]
If you specify an array just by itself it will return the size of the array so if HARRIS_CORNERS &g...
4 years 2 1038

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