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Failed to render streams [2]
In case others have the same issue ... the error is generated by the underlying DirectX Windows environment. What it basically m...
2 years 2 404
How to add a red tinge to an image [2]
Sure, see attached using the Color_Balance module. You can toggle the run button to see the difference.
4 years 2 1023
Communicating  the presence of a blob to Arduino [2]
Zehan, Attached is a robofile that should help you along the way. The trick is to eliminate any goo...
2 years 2 707
temperature sensor [2]
James, That will normally just require a small formula to do. Most likely the manufacturer of the s...
4 years 2 1030
completed save and open a vbScript is not possible [2]
1. Are you pressing OK in the VBScript module before exiting RR? 2. How long is your VBScript?
2 years 2 566
Actuators [2]
Eric, As RoboRealm runs on a PC you will most likely need something inbetween the PC and the final ...
3 years 2 649
Rectangular DataMatrix barcode [2]
Added to the most recent version. In terms of cameras, for barcodes you are probably best of with a...
2 years 2 713
Problem with getting my pipe program to work [2]
Perhaps you missed this page ...
5 years 2 626
RoboGeek Demo tracking program with Roborealm [2]
Thinkbig, The above VBScript is written with the 500 to 2500 value range in mind. Typically this is...
2 years 2 523
Installation Problem [2]
Yes, it looks like you got a bad download. Use your original link again and download a fresh copy. It should be about 6.2megs. I...
5 years 2 713
installable versions [2]
Albert, 1. You can always get previous versions by appending &v=2.70.0...
3 years 2 690
missing .dll [2]
Jon, I assume you were trying to use the RTSP_Player module? We've corrected that download. For 64 ...
2 years 2 557
connect to modbus [2]
Only modbus for now. Can you use Devicenet to connect to a Fanuc robot? What board would you need to plug into a PC to enable th...
3 years 2 681
car tracking number [2]
There isn't a specific "track car" module but instead that capability is made up from several modules. The reason is that eac...
5 years 2 1422
Python in separate editor [2]
Thomas, I may have misspoken, the idea was to use an external editor to modify just the file that R...
4 years 2 701
Process Images in a folder [2]
Load Images is the right module to use. You have to add modules in order to process the image and save the results somewhere (ei...
2 years 2 571
Counting Dices [2]
Thomas, Yes, it possible. There are a couple ways to do this ... one way you can explore is using t...
4 years 2 1075
Serial Communication with arduino [2]
Perhaps you can try reading about the Serial module which is one way of doing this from scratch. The other way would be to use t...
5 years 2 1548
Test Receive [2]
Roland, The receive sequence needs to have some sort of character to know when the sequence ends. T...
5 years 2 827
Video [2]
Yes, see http://www.robore...
3 years 2 1208

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