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RR Crash every few minutes [15]
John, Thanks for the debugging. Narrowing it down to one module really helps.
5 years 19 2065
Pothole detect [3]
Farid, While it may be possible to classify 'potholes' using just vision alone it will take 1000's ...
3 years 11 2056
Pothole detect [5]
Its better to purchase a calibrated system than using two cameras. Their solution seems quite good but I would ask them if they ...
3 years 11 2056
object recognition with Kinect [3]
1) Tough to say which method works best to analyze depth. Depends on what you want to do. Thresholding is a good way of removing...
6 years 2 2056
Pothole detect [8]
Yes, a lidar would be the best tool for this. The precision offered by a lidar will detect the pothole depressions. In fact, you...
3 years 11 2056
Xtion shows artifact in line mode [4]
Dave, Those black vertical lines would explain the spikes you are seeing in the line image. When yo...
6 years 5 2053
Xtion shows artifact in line mode [2]
Dave, Can you include the depth map image (in grayscale) so that we can check to see if there is so...
6 years 5 2053
lego rcx 1.0 ir tower [2]
Not sure, I assume you've tried and had it fail? The last time we dealt with the RCX (quite a whil...
6 years 2 2044
Failing to pause pipeline after waiting 10 seconds... [4]
It should only popup when there is an issue. If you now use the Options Button->Other tab and set the timeout to zero it will...
4 years 7 2043
Failing to pause pipeline after waiting 10 seconds... [2]
Stephen, We've added an option in the Options Button->Other tab to increase that pipeline timeou...
4 years 7 2043
Failing to pause pipeline after waiting 10 seconds... [6]
Dana, If I understand you correctly then, you just have the Kinect module with no other modules in ...
4 years 7 2043
border detection [3]
Madhav, See if the attached gets you any closer. If you still have problems, include both images th...
6 years 3 2039
Visual basic interface [4]
Dave, There isn't an explicit document for VB but if you have a look at the test.vb file there are...
6 years 7 2027
Visual basic interface [6]
Dave, The first parameter is the name of the image. There are 2 default names "source" (the origi...
6 years 7 2027
object GPS position [2]
Anthony, Yes, this is possible but you've got a little math to do to figure this out. We helped ou...
5 years 4 2023
2D barcode [5]
Pete, Yes! That would work much better. The image posted above is 640x480 which I'm not sure if th...
6 years 9 2019
2D barcode [10]
Pete, Yes this is possible but it depends on how you are running RoboRealm. If you are doing this v...
6 years 9 2019
2D barcode [7]
Pete, Sorry for the delay on this. We wanted to test additional samples and improve on the detectio...
6 years 9 2019
2D barcode [3]
Pete, Is that the resolution that you hope to use? Any chance you can use a higher resolution camer...
6 years 9 2019
masking [2]
Roland, Actually I think you have it ... the problem is that RoboRealm treats black as being off or...
6 years 4 2016

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